Battlerite CamCrew

- CamCrew is no longer maintained -

Important notes

  • You can access the branch by right clicking on Battlerite in Steam and selecting Properties, then selecting the Betas tab and choosing “camcrew” from the dropdown menu
  • When you have switched to the branch you can no longer play Battlerite like normal. You have to switch back for that. When on the VR branch you can copy the game folder somewhere outside of steam; you will then be able to switch back to the normal game and still have the VR available
  • To watch a replay when you have CamCrew in a moved folder, find it in your normal Battlerite folder, {GameRoot}/Battlerite/ClientReplays. Move it to the corresponding place in the VR folder.
  • Game root is found by right clicking on Battlerite in Steam, going to the "Local Files" tab and clicking "Browse Local Files"

For SteamVR / Vive users

At the moment you cannot start CamCrew through steam, you need to open the game root and start the Battlerite.exe from there

CamCrew main features

  • Play around with the characters as figurines in the lobby
  • Find and start a replay of your choosing
  • Direct and animate the camera in a replay to produce cinematic shots of the game, displayed on the monitor or direct to video
  • Watch live private matches as a spectator
  • Control the camera in a live match and direct what is shown on the monitor

New features (14 march)

  • You can now overwrite sliding lens settings (Field of View for example) for a whole recoded camera loop. When adjusting the slider, twist the controller to have a small arrow appear over the handle and have the slider lock. This will cause the new value to be written to the whole loop. You need to let go of the slider to change the value again.
  • You can do the same with the quick-connect adjusting system. By holding the disconnect button until it releases, instead of pressing it quickly, you lock rewrite the new value for the whole loop

Don’t play Battlerite?

If you don’t play Battlerite and still want to try the tool, first of all, you should try the game! But for people without replays to explore, here is an example replay you can play with

Example Replay


This video goes through how the lobby in CamCrew works


This video shows how to move around in a game,
this is important to be comfortable with

Camera Movement

This video walks through all the camera movement settings and features

Camera Lens and Visual Settings

This video walks through the settings available for the camera lens and visual aspects of the picture and environment

Sequence Editor

This video shows how to make sequences with camera motions and values that are animated with the sequences. Then how to render the clip straight to video

Live Production

This video goes through how you can join a private lobby and then use the live production tools to control the camera in real time